2013 Football Season Part 2

2013 Football Season Part 2

UNDEFEATED! Cameron and his teammates on the New Hope 5 & 6 White Grizzlies had a perfect season. They played 8 official games and a few of scrimmage games. These boys refused to loose!

I know I am little late in posting how our season ended but it is better late than never. Read how the start of our season went here

We were the smallest team in the league. Cameron was an average sized player weighing in at 55 pounds. Our largest player was just over 65 pounds. All the other teams had multiple players over 75 pounds. The difference between us and them was that our boys hit and hit hard. We spent time in practice hitting and learning how to hit and tackle the correct way. We had coaches tell us after the game that their players didn’t want the ball after we hit them a time or two. As a father and a coach this was a great compliment.

Cameron was an absolute hammer on the field. He sent several players off the field this season. No one was hurt but they were just tired of getting “lit up” by Cameron. He never backed down when I needed him to block a player who out weighed him by 20 + pounds. In the huddle I would simply give him a number to block and I knew the job would get done.

One game in particular, the opposing team had a kid that was well over 75 pounds and was easily getting through our small line of scrimmage. In order to move the ball I had to use Cameron as a lead blocker on this defender. Cameron and this kid “went to war” on every snap. Cameron’s 55 pound body was obviously much smaller but to him that didn’t matter. Some plays Cameron won and on other plays the other kid won. The difference was Cameron never gave up and in the 4th quarter the big defender left the game. He was not hurt, he was just frustrated that someone could take him and hit him hard. Cameron didn’t touch the ball much on offense that game but I couldn’t have been more proud of the way he played.

On offense this year Cameron scored a lot of touchdowns. He ran the ball with authority and even developed a few moves as the season went on. Even more impressive than running the ball Cameron was able to catch several passes this year with one being a Touch Down! Our Quarterback has the ability to throw the ball and Cameron has the ability to catch the ball. These two paired up for several successful completions which shocked the other teams. Throwing and catching a ball in a game playing 5 & 6 football doesn’t happen often. Watch the slides below to see a spectacular throw and catch.

Like normal, Carter was Cameron’s biggest fan. Carter loved to join the team during warm-ups, half-time, and post game talks. He would cheer his brother on while sitting with our family. He would yell “Run Hard, Brother!” while we were on offense and on defense he would yell “Find the ball, Brother!”. He even made it onto the field a few times during a game when he would slip away from his mother.

I am proud of Cameron! He played great this year. He was never intimidated and always wanted to make a play. When he realized that his team had the chance to go undefeated that became his goal. It was evident when we played the last remaining undefeated team in the league that he wanted to achieve this and when the game was over and we won he made a b-line to me for a huge hug!

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  1. Awesome. The boys are great little players but it’s nice to have coaches that teach them the game and how to play it.I am proud of Cameron and Josh, way to go guys!!!


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