2014 Football Season

2014 Football Season

The 2014 football season has already came to a close and I cannot believe how fast the season went by. Cameron had a great year and absolutely loves football. Read about our past football seasons here. He enjoys every aspect of the game but tackling is his favorite. He is a very tough kid who is overly aggressive on a football field. It doesn’t matter if we are practicing or playing a game Cameron loves contact. His tenacity is impressive and is one of my most favorite qualities about his game. He has proven time and time again that he is tough as nails and he doesn’t mind to hit with the biggest kids in the league. We finished our season in 3rd place with a 7 – 2 record and won our youth bowl game as well. Cameron was in the younger group this year since we moved up to the 7 & 8 league. He definitely held his own as a 7 year old in this league.

Defense is Cameron’s new found love. He enjoys offense but if given a choice he would prefer to be on the defensive side of the ball! This year Cameron played outside linebacker and did a really good job. His favorite plays were “Thunder Go” or “Lightning”. Both “Thunder Go” and “Lightning” were blitz plays that allowed Cameron to shoot a predetermined gap. He would either make a play in the backfield or fill the gap and disrupt the play. On our last game in the youth bowl Cameron blitzed the entire game. The opposing coach could not find a way to stop Cameron and he racked up a lot of tackles. It was by far his best defensive game of the year.

Cameron sacking the Quarterback


On offense Cameron was a versatile player. He spent most of his time at Tight End but could play anywhere. At Tight End we had several plays designed to utilize his running skills. Cameron did not have the speed of some of our running backs but he knew how to get behind his pads and drive his legs to gain yards even after contact. He normally did a wonderful job blocking as well.

Just like always Carter was Cameron’s biggest fan. He wore his very own Kodiaks football jersey to every game. If he wasn’t playing with his buddy he would be in the stands screaming for his brother. Carter will finally have his turn at sports starting this spring with T-Ball. I know he is excited.

A few more pictures and a few videos of Cameron’s season!



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