Another Baseball Season In The Books

Another Baseball Season In The Books

As a parent and a coach I hate to see a season come to a close.

It never fails that each year the players really start to hit their stride when the last game is in sight. This year was no different. Cameron and several of his teammates have been playing great ball and getting better each day and then before we know it the season is over. I have to say that I am very proud of Cameron and the way he played this year.

WARNING: This Outdoors With Kids Blog Post Contains a Proud Daddy Bragging About His Son

Now that I have warned you about the bragging that will take place I will jump right into it… Cameron practiced hard and never complained. We started practicing for this season way before the season began. I watched him transform from an average baseball player to a great baseball player. His dedication was  evident not only to his mother and myself but to other parents that we have played with in the years past.

Like most kids at this age their favorite aspect of the game is batting. Cameron’s swing and his mechanics are nearly perfect. I am extremely proud of the way he swings the bat. His body position throughout the swing and his follow through is impressive. Take a look at the picture below. His front foot remains closed while his back foot pivots. His hips have rotated so that his belly button is facing the Pitcher and he completes the swing with a great follow through with his hands going to the back side of his body. I am proud to say that most every coach backed his players up after seeing Cameron’s swing.

Near Perfection

On defense Cameron made a lot of great plays. He played pitcher this year which is just a few steps behind and to the right of the coach pitching to his team. We placed Cameron in this position because he always attempted to make a play on the ball. Several times this year he tagged runners out on their way to home plate. This was great but honestly I worried that he would attempt to tackle them instead of tag them. Luckily, he never tackled a base runner!

Cameron Tagging a Runner Out

Not to be left out Cameron’s #1 fan was at every ball game! Carter cheered his brother on by saying “Hit it hard, Brother!” and sporting his very own New Hope Grizzlies jersey. Like most younger siblings Carter only watched a small portion of the game before he was off to play.

Another highlight of our season was playing at the Whitfield County Miracle Field. The Miracle Field is a barrier-free, handicapped accessible baseball field with a cushioned, synthetic surface that accommodates wheelchairs and walking assistance devices, while helping to prevent injuries. The Miracle Field enables children and adults with physical or mental challenges the opportunity to play baseball by providing a level playing field where they can hit, run, and catch. The directors at the Miracle Field allowed us the opportunity to play at their facility. Not only is the field a unique one of a kind experience but they treated our young players like professionals. They were treated to the National Anthem and player introductions. To learn more about the Whitfield County Miracle League and the Miracle Field click here.

Whitfield County Miracle Field

Some images of our 2013 Season


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