Bonding with a Donkey… Easier than it Sounds

Bonding with a Donkey… Easier than it Sounds

Last week we had a new addition to the farm. Our original donkey gave birth to a healthy baby. This is only the second donkey born on our farm and I am amazed by the size of these things when they are born. In my opinion they are huge! Especially, compared to a calf.

The other evening we went down to visit and check on our new addition. She was just 4 days old and was getting used to us coming around but has not allowed us a chance to pet her. The new mother on the other hand always welcomes attention. As we were watching the baby and feeding the other donkeys the baby eased closer and closer. Cameron was standing next to me and is just slightly taller than the newborn donkey. The baby donkey was watching Cameron and finally decided to come and visit him. I was amazed at how confident andĀ deliberateĀ  the donkey approached us. She walked straight to Cameron and allowed him to stroke her nose and her neck for several minutes. She eventually made her way around to all of us. She was curious and checked each of us out for a few minutes and she seemed to like the attention.

Her fuzzy coat was incredibly soft and her ears took in every sound that we made. It was very clear that she bonded with Cameron. I think it was more or less due to the fact that they were nearly eye level with one another but it was a very cool moment. We have not yet named her but we will soon.

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