Building Our Home – Complete

Building Our Home – Complete

First, let me say that the last 7 months or so have been so busy. With the construction on our house, work, sports, and family I have not had time to post. I am excited to say that our house is 100% complete. It took nearly 7 months but the results are well worth it. Check out the process of our construction by reading Building our Home Part 1 and Building our Home Part 2.

My wife’s dad and I spent a lot of late nights working on the house. We ate lots of ┬ámeals out of a sack and stressed about every small unfinished detail but in the end it all came together, and we are very proud of our home that God has blessed us with. It makes it that much more special to us that we did a lot of the work ourselves .

Our first few nights in the house were exactly what we had hoped. We enjoyed a few long walks down to the old lake and a lot of playing in the yard. The boys love their new home,and my wife and I love the amount of time they spend outside. In fact, they are not inside much at all. They are constantly riding bikes or playing.


Here are a few images from the outside of our house.


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