Building Our Home – Part 1

Building Our Home – Part 1

Recently, we sold the house that we have called home for the last 9 years. Our house was a beautiful home that sat on a hill in the woods. When my wife and I bought this house in June 2004 we knew it wasn’t our “forever house”, but it was a great place to start our lives together and build our family. We quickly made the house into our home. We began our lives as a married couple, and after a few short years, we started our family when we welcomed our first born son Cameron into this home in October 2006. Nearly four short years later, our second son Carter was brought to this home in September 2010. We made lots of memories with our boys here.

It was a great setup, but it wasn’t long until we realized that our two boys needed more room… outside of the house. Although our house was nearly perfect, it sat on a steep hill with limited play space for our kids. We made the decision to sell the house and build on our farm.

We had picked a perfect spot on the farm to build. The construction site sets on the north end of a beautiful secluded hay field which means we will have plenty of yard for our boys to play. My wife picked our house plans and construction began. I do not think either one of us knew exactly what to expect with building a home, but we are lucky to have guidance and support from family and friends. So far we have had a long sweeping gravel driveway built, house site graded, footers poured, block and concrete work done, and the framing completed.


One cool idea my wife had was to add bible verses to each doorway in the house. I love this idea, and it is a memory that we will always treasure.  The boys each picked the verse they wanted on their door frame and of course we took pictures of all of the verses. Thanks to Pinterest we will have a never ending flow of creativity to choose from. Here are a few pictures:





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