When Dad is on Baby Sitting Duty

When Dad is on Baby Sitting Duty

I have a hair appointment… You are in charge of the boys!

The statement above is typically not a problem. In fact, I never complain when my wife goes to have her hair cut, nails painted, or on shopping trips. But to be honest I did complain some when she made a 7:30 AM appointment on a Saturday morning. After all, it is deer season!

Instead of complaining I decided to improvise:

Carter is only 2 so taking this rambunctious little boy to a deer stand is completely out of the question. Cameron on the other hand has proven to be a great hunting buddy! My first thought was that I was going to stay at home and watch the boys at the house but as the week progressed I really started to get the urge to hunt. The urge to hunt was multiplied when my Primos Truth Cam captured a new buck that is definitely a shooter by most hunters standards.

The only option I had was to take the boys with me and sit in the truck. We drove to an open field that over looks a natural pond. This area of our property is called “The Old Lake”. The Old Lake sits in a valley surrounded by hardwood ridges and is in the middle of a small open field. In the state of Georgia it is legal to sit in your vehicle and hunt as long as it is not under power. So that is exactly what we did.

Carter was extremely excited to go hunting. He knows that his brother gets to go with me often and this was a big deal to him to get to tag along with us. I had brought breakfast and snacks for them to enjoy. This would help make the time sitting a little more bearable. Both Cameron and Carter sat in the front passengers seat of my truck. By sitting close together it allowed them to do what brothers do best. They played, laughed and fought the entire morning. This is why we sat in the truck instead of in a stand or on the ground somewhere. The main point was that they had fun and was concealed while doing so.

We didn’t see a single deer which was expected but we did see a lot of turkeys. The boys really enjoyed watching the turkeys and luckily for me they hung out with us for most of the morning. After a few hours we decided to get out of the truck and take a short walk through the woods. I had several extra Orange vests in the truck and put them on the boys. I pretty much had to tie an Orange vest to Carter so it wouldn’t fall off.

Field Full of Turkeys

We hiked up to the top of a small ridge and through the trees you could see our pastures. Cameron was amazed that he could see so far. We even stumbled upon on old blind that I had hunted out of as a kid. Cameron loved seeing the old blind and wanted to know all about it and how old I was when I hunted out of it. As you can see in the picture the blind has pretty much fell apart. When we built the blind it had 4 walls, a roof and a door.

Old Blind from my Childhood

As we continued our walk through the woods I pointed out deer tracks, rubs, and even a spot where a deer had bedded down the night before. Cameron said the hike was his favorite part and really enjoyed seeing the deer tracks.

Now this hunting trip wasn’t much of a hunting trip at all. I knew that our chances of seeing a deer were slim to none but it was a great opportunity to enjoy quality time outdoors with kids. I believe they enjoyed it too.


  1. Enjoyed reading about the boys!

  2. This brought back memories. What a fun way to improvise and spend time with your boys.


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