Freeman Springs Farm

Freeman Springs Farm

Freeman Springs Farm is where I grew up. Back then it was just a cattle farm with a couple of chicken houses. Now we don’t have chicken houses but we still have beef cattle. About 4 years ago my grandfather started an “agritainment” business catering to fall¬†festivities. We do hay rides, hay maze, barrel train rides, corn maze, petting barn, sell pumpkins, and much more.

My boys absolutely love being at the farm. They enjoy it not only in the fall but all year around. As you know there is always work to be done and I try to include my little helpers as much as possible. They both love animals and tractors.

They each own several cows a piece, A couple of goats, a Katahdin lamb and we will soon be adding another Katahdin / Saint Croix mix ram. They are excited about the new addition.

A lot of my posts will be about some of the events and tasks that we tackle on the farm each week. I always take lots of pictures and plan to post those as well! For more information about Freeman Springs Farm click here.

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