Learning to Ride!

Learning to Ride!

This past summer Carter conquered another milestone in every child’s life. He learned to ride his bicycle without training wheels! The impressive part about this story is that he was only 3 years old at the time. I thought Cameron was an early rider at 4… but to be honest, Carter would still be on training wheels if it wasn’t for his big brother!

The story begins with the three of us outside and the boys were riding their bicycles while I supervised their fun. As they rode, Cameron had the idea that it was time for Carter to learn how to ride without training wheels. My initial response was that Carter was still young, and he was probably not ready to learn yet since he was just 3. That response didn’t sit well with Cameron. He wasn’t interested in hearing that and insisted that we teach him so I finally agreed to his idea but I was not expecting for it to work.

We took off the training wheels and Cameron and I began to coach Carter on how to ride. Within a few hours Carter was riding by himself and making turns! I simply could not believe that he learned so fast. Of course, once a child figures out the basics they get better every second and by the time my wife had returned home from grocery shopping he was riding completely solo and doing a great job.

Carter Learning To Ride




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