Let’s Play Ball

Let’s Play Ball

It’s Time For America’s Favorite Pastime!

With Spring right around the corner it is time to start playing Baseball! This will be a very exciting season for us. For the first time ever Cameron will be one of the older kids on a team. Being one of the older more experiences boys on the team will be a huge boost to his confidence.

We started his 3rd Tee Ball season Friday. He began playing Tee Ball at the age of 4 on a 4 – 5 year old team. Last year, at age 5 he played on a 5 – 6 year old team. Now, at age 6 he will be playing on a 5 – 6 year old team. During Friday’s practice we just worked on simple baseball mechanics. We coached proper swing and throwing techniques. Although we didn’t do any live hitting, I think the practice was an over all success. To close practice out I always like to let the kids run the bases. For one reason or another this is the kids favorite part of the entire practice. Some of them think of it as a race and others just like to run.

Although Friday was Cameron’s first team practice, it was not his first practice. Over the last few months we have been working on hitting, fielding, and throwing when the weather permits. His ability to play the game has come a long way since last year. He has more body control and his desire to play is obviously higher now than it has been in the past. Cameron couldn’t get enough so we had to go to the ball field Saturday and Sunday so he could hit and work on his fielding!

Not to be left out Carter was at practice too. He brought his glove and ball. He played with Mom while I had our team on the field. I could tell he was dying to be on the field with his big brother. It won’t be long until we have two boys playing ball!

I am excited about this season,and I can’t wait until we get a chance to practice again. Baseball is one of America’s favorite sports and a wonderful way to spend time Outdoors With Kids!



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