My Definition of Gun Control

My Definition of Gun Control

To me the term “Gun Control” is the safe handling and usage of a firearm.

Here are the “Gun Control” lessons that I will teach my kids:

  • Treat every gun like it is loaded
  • Never climb a tree stand with a loaded weapon
  • Unload your gun before getting in a vehicle
  • Point the muzzle in a safe direction at all times
  • Do not trust the safety switch
  • Use proper Ammunition
  • Make sure you are familiar with the weapon
  • Keep your guns clean
  • Know what is beyond your target
  • Never treat a gun like a toy
  • Only point a gun at a person if you feel threatened
More on Gun Safety:

Cameron shooting his Rossi 410 Shotgun

The term “Gun Control” should not be the Government trying to regulate and take away our rights as law abiding citizens. With that being said I am a big advocate of my definition of Gun Control. I am not a fan of any Government regulations of firearms and or firearm components.

My boys are being raised around guns and I am raising them around guns for a reason. Every gun I own is locked in a safe but that doesn’t mean that everyone locks their guns in a safe. I hope that by teaching my boys about guns and how to respect guns at an early age it will eliminate some of the curiosity kids have about guns. We have all heard the tragic stories of a child finding a loaded firearm and accidentally shooting themselves or someone else. I pray that my boys never find an unattended firearm but if they do they should know what to do… Leave it alone!

If kids come into your home you should take some basic safety precautions if you do not store your guns in a safe.

  • Never leave a gun fully loaded
  • Store the ammunition in a separate hiding spot
  • Keep out of reach of a child
  • Use a cheap trigger lock to prevent the firearm from firing

Sometimes it is hard to justify the cost of an expensive gun safe. Shortly after my wife and I were married we invested in a rather large fireproof safe. Not only does this safe store firearms it contains pictures, videos, and important documents. We also have a smaller safe in the bedroom that holds a pistol for self defense. At the end of the day a safe is just a small price to pay to protect your young ones.

For Christmas Cameron received a Rossi Youth Model 410 Shotgun. This little shotgun is the perfect size for a young child. Not only does this shotgun fit a small child well it has several safety features that parents will love. Single shot, with a hammer and safety switch. Having both a hammer and safety switch is kind of like a double safety. The hammer must be cocked before it will fire and the safety switch must be off. He enjoys this little gun and it will serve him well for years to come. Gun safety is key to enjoying firearms. It is important that parents teach kids the proper techniques and usage of guns. Shooting is another great example of being outdoors with kids!

Rossi Shotgun



  1. Good points & so true!

  2. Your rules are great and should be followed by any responsible gun owner. I would even say that someone not agree and follows this are not a serious gun owner, and should not have guns. In the same way if someone don’t drive their car responsible they should not be allowed to drive either.
    The problem with guns are not the serious gun owner, it’s the non serious owner. So why let them destroy for all others? Why do NRA protect them?

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree that is the irresponsible gun owners (Gang Members, Mental Illness, Criminals, etc…) that causes problems for gun owners. I support the NRA and I am thankful that we have a group strong enough to stand up for the 2nd Amendment. I am not sure how we can keep firearms out of the hands of criminals or people struggling with a mental illness but I know that limiting / punishing law abiding citizens will not change anything.

      • guns are cool can i shoot it my bb

        • Hey Cameron! Yes you can shoot your BB gun when I get home this evening.



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