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The Outdoors With Kids blog will feature my experience in the outdoors with my kids. Whether it is Hunting, Fishing, Farm Activites or Sports. Hopefully, this blog will help others and inspire people to spend more time outdoors.

2013 Football Season Part 2

UNDEFEATED! Cameron and his teammates on the New Hope 5 & 6 White Grizzlies had a perfect season. They played 8 official games and a few of scrimmage games. These boys refused to loose! I know I am little late in posting how our season ended but it is better late...

Building Our Home – Part 1

Recently, we sold the house that we have called home for the last 9 years. Our house was a beautiful home that sat on a hill in the woods. When my wife and I bought this house in June 2004 we knew it wasn’t our “forever house”, but it was a great...

Deer Hunting With My Boys

Deer hunting has changed drastically for me over the last few years. For the better part of 20 years of hunting, I have hunted alone. Sure, I hunted with my Dad and Grandfather a lot when I was younger and when I got older I hunted with some buddies, but the majority...

2013 Football Season

I have always loved Football. I loved to play Football as a kid, I love to watch Football on TV, and I love coaching Cameron and his teammates! In my opinion, Football is the perfect team sport. In order to be successful, all players have to work together. We will...

Taking The Boys Dove Hunting

This past weekend was the opening of Georgia’s Dove season. A Dove field is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends which provides us with lifelong memories. I can remember as a child hunting freshly cut cornfields with my Dad and later on in...

Power Wheels Fun

I can remember my first Power Wheels toy! It was a Blue Ford Big Foot monster truck and I loved it. I think I finally killed the toy when I attempted to wash it. For those of you who know me it probably doesn’t surprise you that I wanted a clean truck to cruise...

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The Collins' Family

A little information about me… I have a beautiful wife and two boys that are active and healthy. My family is my life and I am truly blessed to be able to call them my family. I grew up working on my family farm in North Georgia. This farm is where my love for being outdoors first started. Besides working on the farm I started hunting, fishing, and playing sports at an early age. Hunting has always been a true passion of mine, I was fortunate to have a 5 acre pond right outside of our front door, and it seems like we were always at a ball field. I had a wonderful childhood and I hope that my boys have the same experience.

About my Wife – My wife was my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. We dated throughout high school and married in December of 2004. I was lucky enough to marry a woman that doesn’t fuss about my outdoor habits. She is the best woman that I know.

About Cameron – My oldest boy. He is my spitting image and has a tender heart. He aims to please and has been hunting with me for a few years. Cameron loves the outdoors and enjoys hunting. He is also a sports fanatic.

About Carter – My youngest boy. He is such a joy and our “wild” one. Carter is a very independent child and loves trying to keep up with big brother. Carter loves to go hunting and loves to ride anything he can. He will be starting sports soon.

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