Playing Ball Just Like Brother

Playing Ball Just Like Brother

Carter loves to play ball just like his big brother…

Carter has the benefit of having an older brother that is active in sports. This allows him to learn about sports at an earlier age just by watching. When Cameron was his age he played with baseballs, footballs, and basketballs but we never tried to teach him the correct way to play until he was 4 but with Carter he wants to be part of the action so he is learning at an earlier age.

The only downside to to having an older brother playing sports is that Carter doesn’t understand why he can’t be on the field playing too! Sometimes it is a struggle for my wife to keep him off the field. He is definitely Cameron’s biggest fan and wears his “Brother of 6″ shirts proudly to every ball game.

Before the start of Baseball season we went to the local Academy Sports and picked up a new Mizuno glove for Cameron. Carter wanted a glove of his own so we bought him a new Rawlings glove to play with. The little Rawlings glove is perfect for him and he takes it to Cameron’s ball practices so he can play and throw with my wife while we are practicing on the field.

Carter has developed some great skills for a 2 year old. He can get in a batting stance and even hold a small bat the correct way. When we toss him the ball he rarely hits it but he has learned that he can hit the ball if he tosses it up in the air himself and swings. Surprisingly, he makes contact with the ball more times than he misses using this method. I am sure it is helping him develop great hand – eye coordination.

When Carter gets old enough to play T-Ball he will have a great foundation started and will have lots of fun.

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