Power Wheels Fun

Power Wheels Fun

I can remember my first Power Wheels toy! It was a Blue Ford Big Foot monster truck and I loved it. I think I finally killed the toy when I attempted to wash it. For those of you who know me it probably doesn’t surprise you that I wanted a clean truck to cruise around the yard in.

My boys really enjoy their Power Wheels toys. They are lucky enough to have several to choose from. They have a John Deere Gator, John Deere tractor, Ford Truck, and an ATV. They ride their toys nearly everyday and can come up with some pretty neat ideas. Recently, when the battery died on the truck they decided to hook it up to the Gator and tow it back to the garage. They have created a fun track to ride around as well. The track consist of a large bump and a piece of scrap wood for a bridge. Below you will see some images and videos of the fun they have on their toys!

Carter and my nephew Colt “Bump Drafting”

Cameron and Carter “Truck Pull”



  1. Awesome!! They all love to drive.


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