Outdoors With Kids Sports

Outdoors With Kids Sports

Here in our house hold we love sports. Both my wife and I played sports all the way through school and we are proud to have boys that love sports too. Cameron has been playing team sports since he was 4. He has played the following:

  • 4-5 T-Ball
  • 4-5 Flag Football
  • 5-6 T-Ball
  • 5-6 Tackle Football

This coming spring he will be starting 5-6 T-Ball as a 6 year old. We are excited because he has always been one of the younger kids on the team but this spring will give him a chance to be one of the older more experienced kids.

This past fall was a blast watching and coaching his tackle football team. I think I learned just as much as they did and we won 80% of our games! Cameron really seems to enjoy all sports but I think he will follow in my steps and like football the best.

In addition to Team Sports Cameron and Carter both enjoy riding bicycles/tricycles, power wheels, and Cameron has a Suzuki JR 50 dirtbike. I will blog about:

  1. Team Sports
  2. Coaching
  3. Motorcycles
  4. Bicycles
  5. And other outdoor fun that can be considered a sport!

I hope you enjoy these posts and feel free to comment in the space below!

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