Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

A week at the beach means a week of being outdoors with kids! We loaded up the SUV and headed down to the Splash Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida. This is our 3rd or 4th year visiting this same location because the boys really enjoy the water park theme at this resort. Not to mention that the condos are really nice too.

Here are some of the fun things we did on our vacation.

Pirate Cruise – Cameron and I went on the Pirate Cruise together. We felt that Carter wasn’t old enough to go and enjoy it like Cameron would so he stayed and played at the pool with my wife. On the Pirate Cruise the kids get to act like pirates and sail off into the gulf with a captain and his crew of pirates. During the cruise the kids play fun games and stay busy with activities for the entire 2 hour cruise. Also, it is not uncommon to see dolphins swim with the boat. The kids even get to help find a buried treasure during the trip.

Miniature Golf – We took both boys to a miniature golf course. Both boys enjoyed playing but Carter really liked to throw golf balls into the water features surrounding the course’s path. We had lots of fun but I think my wife and I were both wore out by the end after chasing Carter around and trying to prevent him from loosing all of the golf balls.

Pier ParkPier Park is a relatively new feature in PCB. It is a large shopping center full of stores, restaurants, and fun. We allowed the boys to ride rides, jump in the bouncing houses and eat ice cream here. It was a great destination and full of neat places.

Eating – I love to eat good food and it always a treat going to places away from home that you enjoy. Some of our favorite restaurants in PCB are Pineapple Willy’s, Angelo’s Steak Pit, and Schooner’s. The boys love going to Pineapple Willy’s and getting a new t-shirt as a souvenir and getting their pictures made next to the gigantic bull “Big Gus” in front of Angelo’s.

Go Carts – Cameron is at the age where he loves go carts. Cameron and I made a special trip out one evening just so he could ride some go carts since Carter is to small to ride. Cameron does really well maneuvering the small go carts around the track and you can tell his experience on his dirt bike really pays off. He has no problems riding around the track or passing other kids.

Resort Activities РThe resort offers several activities for the kids. One night they watched a movie while swimming in the pool and enjoying smores. Another activity was making  tye dye t-shirts and building their very own stuffed animals. The resort has a very small arcade room which is good when a storm rolls through too.

And I can’t leave out our time next to the water – Whether we were at the beach or pools the boys were having a great time. Cameron is quite the little swimmer and really enjoyed swimming around the Lazy River at the Splash Resort. For the first time ever Cameron really loved the ocean. He spent more time this year swimming and playing in the ocean than he has ever done before. Carter loved the water park and the kiddie splash pad. He was fearless going down the slides. He would go down them upside down and backwards and would think it was hilarious.

We really enjoyed our vacation this year and can’t wait to go back to the beach next year. Summer vacations allows parents to really spend quality time with kids away from the usual distractions. Below you will find a few images of our vacation.



  1. hey dad

    • Hey Cameron! I hope you enjoyed this blog post about you and your brother!

  2. Josh, I am really impressed!!! Your vacation sounds wonderful, and it was so fun reading about the boys!! Being an English major, I have to comment on your writing…you could write travel brochures! Seriously! Hmmm..maybe you already do, and I just don’t know about it!Lol!

    • Thank you Sharon! I enjoy writing about the boys and our outdoor adventures!


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