Taking The Boys Dove Hunting

Taking The Boys Dove Hunting

This past weekend was the opening of Georgia’s Dove season. A Dove field is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends which provides us with lifelong memories. I can remember as a child hunting freshly cut cornfields with my Dad and later on in life sharing those same cornfields with some of my best friends. This season I decided it was time to pass on a great tradition to my boys.

Sunday afternoon looked like a perfect opportunity to take both Cameron and Carter to the Dove field. My original plan was just to take Cameron but Carter caught on that we may go hunting pretty early in the day and he was going to make sure that he was not left out. I was a little hesitant to take a Carter who will turn 3 this month with us but I couldn’t stand the thought of how he would feel being left out.

Cameron had his Rossi 410, Carter had a Red Rider BB Gun, and I carried my Over/Under 12 Gauge. We took drinks and snacks along with a few buckets and stools to sit on. I had decided against hunting in the pasture or cornfields due to safety concerns and like always I preached gun safety to Cameron as we made our way to our destination. To ensure a safe hunt all three guns was to remain on the ground. Since my Over/Under shotgun and Cameron’s Rossi 410 are break action guns we left them open until it was time to shoot. Typically I would never do this but since I was hunting with my two boys I felt that it was extremely important to be overly safe. Click here to read My Definition of Gun Control blog post.

Our hunting spot proved to be a bust but I wasn’t concerned with the amount of birds that we saw. I knew that we passed up the best spots but I enjoyed the company of my boys and the opportunity to pass on a great tradition! Below you will find a few pictures of our Dove hunting trip!

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  1. So cute. Only thing missing is Loretta!


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