The Touchdown Run

The Touchdown Run

Cameron’s first touchdown run was one to remember!

With Super Bowl XLVII just a few days away I couldn’t help but think about Cameron’s first touchdown in tackle football. To start this Outdoors With Kids blog post here’s a little background on Cameron. He is a rough and tumble boy. He loves contact and rarely shy’s away from the chance to rough house with anyone. Although he is just a Kindergartner he was a good player and held his own against the older more experienced first graders. He was not the fastest, certainly not the biggest, but he tried as hard as anyone on the field.

At this age group it is just simple football. You either block someone, tackle someone, or run the ball. On offense Cameron always played on the line and he was one of the few offensive players that I could count on to make a block. Most of the time he blocked well. He often got scolded for blocking even after the whistle blew but it is hard for a young child to learn to stop on the whistle. On defense Cameron played middle linebacker and his sole job was to run over the center and try to make a play behind the line of scrimmage.

Now that you have some background on Cameron it’s time to talk about the touchdown!

To set the stage we were playing in the last game of the season and our opponent was probably the worst team in the league. The week before the game our plan was to get ahead by a few touchdowns and allow some of the kids who haven’t had a chance to run the ball an opportunity to do so. Cameron was chomping at the bit and he definitely wanted a shot at running the ball!

Halfway through the second quarter we were up by several touchdowns and it was time to implement our game plan. After a few other kids had a chance to run the ball it was finally Cameron’s turn. The ball was on the 5 yard line and we had a fresh set of downs (1st and Goal). We called a simple play, which was a straight up the gut run. Old fashion “Smash Mouth” football at it’s finest!

As the quarterback called out DOWN! — SET! — I was as nervous as anyone. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as we waited for the play to begin. Finally, The QB shouted out  HUT! The players pads started popping as they made contact and Cameron was running full steam to the designated hole.

The hand off was perfect and the ball was in Cameron’s possession. As Cameron ran past the line of scrimmage and had his eyes set on the end zone a defender stepped in front of him with only a yard remaining to the goal line. At this point I knew the only option that Cameron had was to lower his pads and deliver the hit to the defender. Most kids that don’t run the ball on a regular basis will simply stop or fall over when met by a defender but not Cameron. He lowered his pads and delivered a powerful blow to the defender.

With a loud POP coming from the collision of the shoulder pads the defender fell backwards with Cameron falling over his body and in to the end zone… He did it! He scored his first touchdown in tackle football! And not only did he get in the end zone but he did it with a great run and a powerful finish! I was so proud of him for having the courage to run the ball but to also have the willpower and determination to go after what he wanted even when he was met with a challenge.

I am a proud Daddy everyday but I was exceptionally proud that day!

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