Turkey Hunting with Kids

Turkey Hunting with Kids

Cameron’s First Turkey Hunting Adventure!

I have made a lot of great memories turkey hunting with my buddies but the memories I made with Cameron will be hard to beat. Turkey hunting with kids was a new experience for me.

Before Cameron and I left the house Carter had figured out that we were about to leave and insisted that he needed to go hunting too. Since he is only 2 I couldn’t take him along with us but thought that we could do a little turkey hunting at the house. We grabbed a toy gun, a few turkey calls and had ourselves an indoor hunting adventure. When it was time to leave my wonderful wife took over the hunting duties with Carter. I had left them with a spare box call to use and they “hunted” together which allowed for my escape to the woods with Cameron.

Gun Safety:

The first thing I did when we arrived at our hunting spot was to remind Cameron about gun safety and the proper way to carry his shotgun. His gun was to remain unloaded until we had turkeys coming in but you can never preach to much gun safety to kids.

Shortly after we entered the woods we made a few clucks using a slate turkey call. We would call, listen, then walk a few yards and repeat the process. About 30 minutes into our hunt we had a young Jake (juvenile male turkey) answer our calls. We quickly found cover and used an old log hidden by short pine saplings as our set up. Unfortunately, the Jake never came close enough to offer Cameron a shot but it was exciting. I could feel his heart pumping as he sat in my lap waiting on the bird to come in. He had his shotgun steadied on his knee and looked like an old pro.

After the turkey had left us we sat a few moments longer then decided to move. I wanted to keep the hunt fun so I decided it was time to let Cameron have more contol of our hunt.

This is what I decided to do:

Create A Game Plan:

I thought it would be fun to create a “game plan” to find more turkeys. I whispered my idea to Cameron and he agreed that it sounded good but suggested that we draw a map on the ground to determine where we needed to go. I thought this was great so I grabbed a few rocks to use as land marks and a stick to draw with. In just a short period of time we had our plan of attack scrawled out on the forest floor. Cameron enjoyed this so much we stopped to do it a few more times.

Turkey Calls:

I did most all of the calling especially when it counted but I also let Cameron use all of the calls in my turkey vest. He used the Slate Call, Box Call, and even a Crow Call. Here is a short clip of him doing some calling on his own.

Stroll through the Woods:

Turkey hunting definitely allows hunters the opportunity to explore the woods. As we walked we were on the look out for shed deer horns and other treasures that kids enjoy. Cameron even collected rocks along the way for his “rock collection”. By the time we made it back to the truck he had his pockets full of rocks.

After a few hours we decided our hunt had come to an end. We saw several turkeys but more importantly we enjoyed our time in the woods together. We made some wonderful memories on Georgia’s opening day of turkey season this year.

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  1. I can tell Cameron enjoyed the hunt. Good game plan drawing out the map!!!

  2. I think that going hunting with kids is a great opportunity to bond with them. This special day spent together will be priceless. You can teach your kid many wildlife related tips and how to be responsible from an early age.

  3. i like your blog dad

  4. Thanks Cameron! You and your brother give me a lot of great things to write about!

  5. ok


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